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EYLL is a French brand of beachwear and wellness clothing and accessories with a Bohemian Chic trend.

Thus born in 2015. The fruit of a journey and a crazy dream symbolized by the horse’s totem animal. Symbol evoking the passion and the appetite for freedom in the Amerindian communities. Then the number 8 embodying harmony and light.

More than a brand of clothing and wellness accessories, EYLL is the bearer of the Enjoy Your Lucky Life Concept.

Love and enjoy life with joy, harmony, passion … You are lucky to live so live well!

SURF, SUP and YOGA also share common values ​​of surpassing oneself, of connection with nature, of escape. They are unquestionably messengers of the free spirit. A dimension of freedom and symbiosis with nature.

EYLL offers a collection of beautiful trendy and original bohemian chic outfits. EYLL takes care to choose fluid and quality fabrics. Essentially with original and exclusive prints to sublimate women in all circumstances.

Comfortable and light, bohemian summer clothes as well as relaxation items are models in a limited version made by craftsmen.

Inspired by travel and Designed in France, the EYLL collection of well-being clothing expresses and shares its art of living well through its easy-to-wear creations. The collection appeals to people who value “Handmade”.

EYLL clothes are your essential and exclusive Bohemian Chic outfits!

The EYLL brand is also chic accessories, beach and yoga bags, pockets decorated with shells, pearls and feathers.

Then also, bathrobes, colorful sarongs and pleasant and stylish ponchos.

In addition, EYLL offers a range of articles of ethical relaxation, Yoga cushions for the eyes, handcrafted candles with organic essential oils …

It is also a collection of jewels and Malas in natural stones which seduces lovers of stones and crystals and their benefits.

The EYLL, SURF, SUP and YOGA Combo expresses and shares its art of living well through its creations of beach and wellness clothing and accessories.

Find the collection of beach and wellness clothing and accessories in the online store or in stores in the Bordeaux region.

French and artisanal creation

Beauty is the object of love; harmony is its principle and its goal.

Étienne Pivert de Senancour; Oberman (1804)