For Bali with Love ❤

EYLL is committed to the culture of equality around the world and shares with you the action and request for help “For Bali with Love”.

Bali, the Island of the Gods, SURF paradise, Yoga retreats, the magic smile of the Balinese people … Forgotten …

First, Bali represents the dream vacation with memories of “From Bali with love”, and now, if we act “For Bali with Love”?

In fact, Bali is dependent on tourism, due to the COVID-19 crisis, most people have lost their jobs. Some people can no longer feed their families. In addition, government support is limited.

Bali needs us!

The association “For Bali with Love” is located in Balangan Beach and works with heart to help the Balinese families of Bukit (South Bali peninsula).
Currently, 112 families are helped thanks to the donations collected. However, there are still many families in distress who have applied for association aid.

“For Bali with Love” notably prepares and distributes food bags to feed a Family for a week.
The bag is made up of :
• 5 kg of rice
• 20 sachets of instant crumbs
• 30 eggs
• 5 tempeh
• fresh vegetables
• 2l of frying oil
• 1 can of condensed milk
• 250 gr of coffee
• 1 can of tea
• 1 kg of sugar
• 1 toothpaste, 1 soap and 2 masks.

In addition, in order to preserve nature, the shopping bags are recycled from rice bags and sewn by the little hands of local families who are just waiting to be useful.

With just $ 4 you can offer “family cooking” for more than a day.
In fact, a basic food tote can help a family for a week.

In reality, the cost is around IDR 300,000, or only $ 20.
With only 20 USD, you can bring back the beautiful Balinese smiles.

Together we are stronger, Together we can create a great change!

The association “For Bali with Love” has organized a fundraiser, even with a donation of 1 USD, you will be of great help!

“For Bali with Love” Fundraiser:  

For Bali with Love


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