Beachwear and relaxation wear

Our choice, noble and ethical fabrics.

EYLL offers a collection of beautiful trendy and original bohemian chic outfits. EYLL takes care to choose fluid and quality fabrics with original and exclusive prints to sublimate women in all circumstances.

Organic cotton respects the environment in particular. It is cultivated according to organic techniques fixed by the charters. In addition, it is GMO-free. The absence of chemical pesticides and dyes makes the cotton, which is completely hypoallergenic, pleasant to touch.

Rayon is a fiber made from natural sources such as wood and agricultural products. They are regenerated from natural cellulose fiber and therefore are not considered synthetic. In terms of manufacturing, rayon is classified as “a fiber formed by regeneration of natural materials in a usable form. The rayon fabric that we use to make our original and unique pieces is pleasant to the touch and to wear. texture of natural fibers such as soft and flowing silk.

Chiffon is a particularly soft, transparent and fluid fabric. It is a refined material that is made from silk fiber or carded viscose. That is to say untangled and combed using a carding machine in order to obtain a soft and supple fiber

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Organic cotton
Cotton fabric made in France