Bougie Végétale Huiles essentielles plantes aromatiques
Accessories and wellness

Relaxing and authentic break by the light of the Vegan Candle!

Handcrafted candles with organic essential oils

Accompany your moments of relaxation and purification with our pretty handcrafted candles with organic essential oils.

So bearer of the flame, always regarded as the symbol of the soul, of purification and of love that shines, the EYLL Candle promotes harmony and relaxation.

However, enjoy an ocean of light and the enchanted atmosphere with the subtle scents of natural essences at home or at the water’s edge. As well as under a rain of stars or during a reception …

Original and unique creations, EYLL candles are handcrafted in vegetable wax. They are also respectful of the environment and health.

In the spirit of the EYLL, SURF, SUP and YOGA combo, EYLL candles bring a dimension of freedom and symbiosis with nature.

The range of EYLL scented candles with an original and unique design is an authentic gift idea!

Find your EYLL candle in our online store.

French and artisanal creation ❤